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I disappeared and I’m sorry but between work, family and personal issues, I’ve barely had time for anything fun. So I’m plotting my comeback to writing. I have a story planned, and omg is this one a doozy! I would like to find a beta reader who would be willing to work with me on this project. If interested, please email me at SecondhandSiren@gmail.com with the subject “SuperLuv”

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Reblog if you’re currently writing a novel, even if it’s only in your head or scribbled in the back of a notebook somewhere.

Think about how many books don’t exist yet.

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"I spent four months trying to kiss you and the last six weeks trying to figure out how I managed to fuck everything up. All I want now is to make it right, to make you see how sorry I am and why you should give me another chance. And I just want to know—are you rooting for me? Are you hoping I pull this off?"

"I’m rooting for you," she whispered.

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"Each book is a new book. I’ve never written it before and I have to teach myself how to write it as I go along. The fact that I’ve written books in the past seems to play no part in it. I always feel like a beginner and I’m continually running into the same difficulties, the same blocks, the same despairs. You make so many mistakes as a writer, cross out so many bad sentences and ideas, discard so many worthless pages, that finally what you learn is how stupid you are. It’s a humbling occupation."

Paul Auster (via theparisreview) Geez, it’s like the Tumblr-verse is speaking to me today. Here’s John McPhee and David Rakoff on how writing never gets easier. (via austinkleon)

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itsnothilarious Asked: Fist off, I love your blog,it's just amazing ^.^ I was wondering if you knew any websites where you can post a non-fanfiction story to get feedback etc. like one would on a fanfiction site?


Thank you! There are a few that I know of. Of a lot of them I haven’t actually used, though:

www.youngwriterssociety.com (only for around 13-25 year olds, but really good feedback)

www.wattpad.com (doesn’t really give good feedback, mostly things like OMG I LOVED IT UPLOAD SOON)








I hope that helped!

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Do. Write. Finish.

I know, you’re saying, “That’s easier said than done.” I know it is! So fucking what? A big-ass boulder tumbles down from the mountaintop and falls on your hand and pins the limb, you either gnaw through your arm like a goddamn coyote or you die under the rock. Door won’t open? Kick it down. Wall blocking your path? Bash it with your skull until it falls or you do.


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Books more people should read
» My Beautiful Failure by Janet R. Young «


Billy is a sophomore in high school, and twice a week, he volunteers at Listeners, a suicide hotline. Jenney is an “incoming,” a caller, a girl on the brink. As her life spirals out of control, Jenney’s calls become more desperate, more frequent. Billy, struggling with a deteriorating relationship with his depressed father, is the only one who understands. Through her pain, he sees hope. Through her tears, he feels her heart. And through her despair, he finds love. But is that enough?

Click here to read more about the underrated book project

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"We read, we travel, we become."

Derek Walcott, from “The Prodigal”  (via aurelle)

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Requested by Anonymous.

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